Our laboratory is always recruiting men and women to participate in our research studies. Participation in our studies not only helps contribute to science, but can also be a fun learning experience.

#1: Rest Interval Study (UCF IRB #SBE-17-12933)

Why are we doing this study? To determine if muscle fatigue differs between younger and older men and women, and whether resting between muscle contractions enhances performance.

Who can participate? Healthy men and women between the ages of 18-30 or 65+ years with a BMI < 30 that have not been engaged in a structured exercise program during the previous six months.

Who can't participate? Individuals with metabolic or neuromuscular disease, use of tobacco or recreational drugs, surgery within the previous year, engagement in more than 3 strenuous lower-body exercise sessions per month within the previous 6 months, allergic reactions to rubbing alcohol, and/or use medications that may affect muscle performance.

Time commitment: 3, 1 hour visits to the laboratory

Compensation available?: Yes

Principal Investigator: Dr. Stock

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